Today's Cafe, Maruyama Park Store



Seats 10 seats. a small samll cafe.
Business hours Weekdays and Sundays 10: 00-15: 00, Saturdays 11: 00-16: 00
Irregular holidays※It's better to come here after you check the Business day Calender
No smoking No smoking in all day.
Charter Room please consult.
Ingredients It's A Hokkaido product. Safe and secure things as possible.
・Some Coffee are TOKUMITU COFFEE.
・Bagels and Donuts are FUWAMOCHI TEIfor eat in.
 We will have one for takeout.
・Strawberries are TOMATO FARM.
TakeOut Take-out is possible except Bagels and Donuts of FUWAMOCHI TEI.

about us

I usually do a completely different job. With mysterious support from everyone, I became involved in Sapporo in the form of a cafe. There will be different cafes on that day and at different times, but we would appreciate it if you could understand the convenience of purchasing.

2014 A junior high school friend moved to Sapporo with her husband's transfer. I start to go to Sapporo to play.
There are many business trips here and there, so there are many opportunities to use the cafe. I need a cozy cafe. Some stress. Diagnosis of excessive cholesterol.
2018 Stayed in Sapporo for about six months on a business trip. Due to dietary restrictions, I can't eat bread full of butter. But The cholesterol level returned to normal, because I changed to bagels from a bread.
2019 At Tokumitsu Coffee, the coffee was delicious enough to impress me.
Aftermath of work style reform? I often go to Sapporo to play.
2020 We talked about cafe opening in Sapporo because the Olympics will be held, It was a joke. but it became real.